Fátima / Santarém / Tomar

Fatima belongs to the District of Santarem, in the central part (after the now defunct/former Vale do Tejo) and the Médio Tejo subregion. His worldwide fame is due to the fact that, on 13 May 1917, the Virgin Mary appeared to the shepherds, in the form of our Lady of Fatima.

Santarém is the dynamic capital of the subregion Lezíria do Tejo, belonging to the region of Lisboa e Vale do Tejo. The city hosts a number of interesting churches and the popular Portas do Sol-surrounded by the medieval walls of the city, which offer magnificent views over the Plains and the river Tejo.

Take is the jewel in the Crown of Central Portugal. Is a magical city, full of splendid architecture and historical significance with the maximum exponent in the beautiful and mysterious convent of Christ.