Gerês / Braga / Guimarães

Place of unsurpassed beauty, all the Gerês offers landscapes of rare beauty, some of them breathtaking. Sprinkled by water courses, in the winding, the falls are frequent. With a unique flora and fauna in Portugal and even in the world is of the places where we’ve never been indifferent to the natural beauty, discovering something new at every turn of the path.
Braga is the oldest Portuguese cities and one of the oldest Christian cities in the world. Founded in Roman times as Bracara Augusta, with over 2000 years of history.

Known as the “cradle of the nation”, Guimarães is a fascinating place to visit, with your proud Castle and well-preserved medieval quarter. This charming historic town is a maze of winding alleys lined with old houses decorated with statuary that lead to the beautiful main square, Largo da Oliveira, and the old Ducal Palace. The city was classified as world heritage by UNESCO in 2001.