Oporto / Amarante / Régua

The city of Oporto, the capital of the North of Portugal, is one of the oldest in Europe and a destination of choice for many tourists and visitors. The richness of your artistic and monumental heritage, the port wine cellars, the vast spaces dedicated to leisure and cultural life, are just some of the reasons that invite you to visit the port.

Amarante had probably your origin in primitive peoples who inhabited the Highland of Aboboreira (inhabited since the stone age), although if you do not know the exact name of their founders. However, only began to acquire importance and visibility after the arrival of São Gonçalo (1187-1259), born in Tagilde, Guimarães, who settled here after pilgrimage for Rome and Jerusalem.

On the Bank of the River Douro, Peso da Régua, also known as “Ruler”, is known for being the capital of the region that produces the famous port wine. In 1703, the region was privileged through the important Treaty of Methuen, Douro wine, having the crops taken a new increment.