Oporto / Aveiro / Buçaco

Aveiro has often been called the Venice of Portugal " " due to its canals which cross the city centre and that give the city a great beauty, along with the old neighborhood " Sea ", which houses traditional houses and salt warehouses of Ria. The old city air blends perfectly with the modernity that burst of University life and make this city a desirable place in any season.
The city of Oporto, the capital of the North of Portugal, is one of the oldest in Europe and a destination of choice for many tourists and visitors. The richness of your artistic and monumental heritage, the port wine cellars, the vast spaces dedicated to leisure and cultural life, are just some of the reasons that invite you to visit the port.
The forest of Buçaco, filled with trees of all kinds, has a lush landscape in which one can follow various paths. In the 19th century, a palace was constructed which later became the Palace Hotel of bussaco, considered one of the best hotels in the world.